Cazzie David, daughter of the comedic genius Larry David. She spilled all the deets about her dad’s not-so-fun time at a fashion show. Larry, the 74-year-old legend, ended up at STAUD’s Spring 2022 show during New York Fashion Week, and let’s just say he wasn’t exactly thrilled about it.

The Viral Incident

So, during the show, a reporter caught Larry on video looking super miserable, trying to block out the noise by plugging his ears. That video? It blew up online, with memes and jokes flooding the internet. But Cazzie didn’t find it as amusing as everyone else did.

Cazzie’s Thoughts

When Cazzie showed up on the Call Her Daddy podcast, she got real about her dad’s reaction. She didn’t think it was funny; she found it kinda “disturbing.” To her, it seemed like Larry was having a bit of a meltdown, definitely not enjoying himself.

The Hard Truth

Cazzie spilled the beans that her dad probably got dragged to the fashion show by someone who wanted his company. But let’s be real – Larry isn’t exactly the type to get excited about fashion shows, you know what I mean?

Keeping It Real

Cazzie made it crystal clear that her dad wasn’t putting on an act. Larry doesn’t do fake laughs for anyone. And even though the internet had a field day, Cazzie wasn’t about to shoot her dad a text and joke about it. Seeing him so uncomfortable just wasn’t cool.

Family Vibes

Instead of laughing it off, Cazzie chatted with her sister about it, and they both felt kinda bad for their pops. They were on the same page: it was hard to watch.

The Fallout

Cazzie wrapped it up by saying the whole thing was just too darn loud for Larry. Fashion shows and Larry David? Not exactly a match made in heaven. And did she ever talk to her dad about it afterward? Nope, not a chance.

The Clip

In case you missed it, there’s this clip of Larry at the fashion show, hunched over, blocking his ears while models strutted their stuff on the runway. Let’s just say he won’t be getting a front-row seat at New York Fashion Week again anytime soon.

So, there you have it – Larry David’s not-so-great fashion adventure, straight from the mouth of his daughter. It goes to show that even comedy legends have their moments of discomfort.

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