Exciting New Homes Coming Soon to Redhill and Clementi!

Exciting New Homes Coming Soon  The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is making waves in Singapore with upcoming residential projects near Redhill and Clementi MRT stations. These developments, each as big as two football fields, are set to change the living scene in these neighborhoods.

Tanglin Road Transformation

One exciting project is the Tanglin Road development, a massive 1.5-hectare area next to Crescent Girls’ School. This spot was originally meant for community use but is now getting a makeover into a cool residential space. Imagine living in a place that’s like two football fields big!

What’s Special About Tanglin Road?

This new place will be like a bustling little city within the city. It’s not just homes; there will be shops, hangout spots, and cool places to meet friends. The planners are thinking big, with high-density living and lots of communal areas. Plus, it’s so close to Redhill MRT station – just a short walk away! That means easy access to trains and a hop, skip, and jump to Alexandra Canal for some leisure time.

Why You Should Be Excited

This Tanglin Road development is getting lots of attention for a reason. Its prime location makes it super attractive to people looking for a new home. And guess what? It’s not just near Redhill MRT; Commonwealth MRT station is also just around the corner! Imagine having two MRT stations nearby – that’s like having two super convenient gateways to explore the city.

Clementi’s Turn

But wait, there’s more! Clementi is getting its fair share of excitement too. With projects the size of two football fields, it’s like a giant puzzle coming together to make Clementi an even cooler place to live.

Singapore’s Commitment to Awesome Living

Lifestyle these projects are not just about building more homes. They show how Singapore is committed to making the city even better. It’s like adding more pieces to a cool Lego set – making everything more accessible and awesome for everyone.

Connecting Past and Present

One of the projects near Commonwealth MRT station is extra special. It’s not just about the future; it’s also about remembering the past. This spot is weaving a tapestry of Singapore’s rich history into its modern look. It’s like having a time machine that takes you from the past to the present!


Exciting times are ahead for Redhill and Clementi! With these new homes popping up near MRT stations, it’s not just about finding a place to live; it’s about being part of something bigger. As Singapore grows, these projects show that the city is turning dreams into reality, creating awesome spaces for everyone to enjoy. So, get ready for a new adventure – your future home might just be waiting near Redhill or Clementi MRT station!

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