Dai-ichi Life Nails Benefit One Deal in Epic Battle


Dai-ichi Life Holdings just closed the deal to buy Benefit One, a Japanese company that hooks up businesses with awesome employee benefits. Pasona Group, Benefit One’s parent company, gave the green light to Dai-ichi Life’s offer. Looks like Dai-ichi Life is stepping out of their insurance comfort zone.

The Price Tag

Get this: the deal cost a whopping 292 billion yen, which is around $2 billion. That’s like 2,173 yen for each share. Pasona Group spilled the beans on Thursday, saying they’re selling Benefit One to Dai-ichi Life and ditching their previous deal with M3, a medical info website company.

Shake-up in the Game

This move could totally change the game for how companies go after each other in Japan.

The Showdown

M3 made the first move back in November with an offer of 1,600 yen per share. Pasona, owning most of Benefit One’s shares, gave it the thumbs up.

Upgrades and Team-ups

Pasona had a lot to think about with both offers on the table. And it did. Dai-ichi Life sweetened the deal by adding an extra 50 yen per share.

Game Over for M3

M3 threw in the towel on Thursday, saying they’re not upping their offer.


What’s Benefit One All About

Benefit One is all about hooking businesses up with cool benefits for their employees, serving around 9.5 million people. With Dai-ichi Life in charge now, they’re not just sticking to insurance.

Looking to the Future

Japanese life insurance companies are looking for new opportunities outside their usual gigs. Nippon Life Insurance, the big cheese in the industry, got into nursing care by buying Nichii Holdings for around 210 billion yen.

Pasona’s Big Payday

Pasona’s banking on a huge profit of 113.6 billion yen from selling Benefit One. They’re thinking about diving into new stuff, like beefing up their business process outsourcing division, with all that cash.

In a Nutshell

Dai-ichi Life just hit the jackpot with Benefit One, shaking things up big time in the Japanese business world. They’re eyeing expansion and new partnerships, gearing up for some serious growth. And for Pasona, it’s a payday that could open up some exciting new ventures.

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